The Agreement requires a seller be verified on legal name and address or information registered as an Australian business entity prior to applying for an online store at Shopro website. Once accepted, a Shopro member may have one account, but no more, to sell merchandise online through the website.

Name verification and a brief test are to be conducted prior to approval.

Only one account may be registered under a person verified with his/her driver license or passport, or by a business with valid registration information.

No. There is no fee required to apply for, open and operate a store at Shopro. However, extra services may need an advance payment.

When a store is blocked to cease operation due to deviant activities as a punishment, it cannot be opened at Shopro again. Nor can the registered Seller be admitted to opening another.

All applicants, whether a person or a corporation, must pass a name verification before being admitted for operating a store at Shopro. After being accepted, a business entity will be registered as a Business Seller, while a person, as an Individual Seller. The status is determined at the time of application submission.

Any store(s)are found to have registered with misinformation and/or falsified documents to open more than one store at Shopro will be permanent blocked leaving only one that was rated highest on store credit to continue the operation.

More than one store managed by a same Seller to sell similar products with an attempt to unethically gain profits from the scheme are considered multiple stores. Shopro shall solely determine and reprimand such conducts that are unacceptable legally and seriously detrimental to a fair and satisfying shopping experience for our customers.

In practice, there are cases where a person or business used different identities to operate more than one store selling similar merchandise.

It is an unethical act according to Shopro Service Agreement. The practice is also not for the best interest of our customers. Thus, such behavior is not allowed at Shopro.

Shopro will leave one store that has been rated the highest on credit score to continue operating while terminateall the others.

To establish a store, it is required to have applicant’s name and personal information verified and registered on Shopro website, then take a brief test, prior to being approved by Shopro.

Within 3 days after completion of an order, prompt deliveryis mandatory. Failures to make a timely shipment of merchandisecan result in request for refund by Buyer.

There are misconducts committed by Seller, intentionally or accidentally, and some may involve serious consequences, while others minor negligence.

Serious deviance, which may be reprimanded with severe penalties including blocking store, limiting merchandise on display or for sale, restricting onsite messaging, includes:

  1. Distribution of information or material prohibited by law, which can be criminally prosecuted by authority;
  2. Infringement on intellectual property of others which is an act of dishonesty that gravely damages the personal or business integrity critical for the success of trade and commerce. It invariably hurt customer satisfactions well. Consequently, any misrepresentations of ownership, sales of counterfeit items, or use of fake identity are absolutely prohibited.

A few examples of common minor deviance to be avoided:

  1. Dissemination of untruthful information not only misleads consumers but also compromises the trust of our clients on Shopro. To avoid such occurrence, please pay special attention to the following:
    • Including on display of any known or suspicious information or merchandise that is restricted by law or may ill-affect online commerce;
    • Advertising or showing products in areas not designed for or restricted from merchandise displays, selling more than one identical product simultaneously, or registering more than one store selling same product(s) on the website;
    • Using statements that are not truthful on product specifications, referring information, merchandise categorization, or customer comments or ratings on the website;
    • Failing to keep sufficient inventory to ensure prompt delivery of merchandise within 72 hours after Buyer’s completion on bidding and payment.
  2. Dishonesty on trade is poisonous to a business. Keeping a trustworthy reputation and guaranteeing product quality is essential if you are not, or do not intend to be, a fly by night operation.
  3. Exaggerated, incomplete, or pretentious presentation on your products or service is not allowed on Shopro website.
  4. Failure to deliver services as promised is seen same as misinformation which must be avoided under all circumstances.
  5. Derogative/demeaning comments or ratings on other Sellers to benefit your own business are an act lack of integrity which shall be penalized if confirmed.