There are answers for some frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer or need further assistance, please contact us directly.

Upon logging on to the website, enter your user’s name and password. Re-enter, if first attempt was unsuccessful. If forget your password, click "Forget your password?" for the window to retrieve it and start normal operation.

It is recommended using your cell phone for verification as it is the most secure way to recover your password.

What are the methods Buyer can use to pay for merchandise ordered online on Shopro website?
Buyer shall follow the instruction Seller provided on web page. Generally, Buyer can pay by PayPal, credit card or bank account for a purchase.

What can I do if problems arise on payment?
Should your payment fail to go through, please make sure the banking or credit card information you entered are correct, or contact PayPal for assistance. If the problem persists, please be certain that your mailing address is current. Otherwise, update it before re-try. A pending message may appear on your PayPal account after a payment submission. You may need to wait for Seller to ship your order before PayPal send Seller your payment to complete the transaction.

What is a good practice in transferring funds between accounts?
Keeping remittance receipt and providing order number as payment description can ensure a smooth transaction. It also gives you secure evidence in case of a need for correcting mishaps.

Is there any contact information I can use concerning shipment?
You may contact Auspost at; Fastway at; Courier at; or, Toll at

How to resolve problems on receipt of shipped order?

  1. If you have not received the merchandise but the shipper claims it was received and signed for on BOL, please contact Seller and Shipper for verification and settlement.
  2. If shipped merchandise was not received and signed by you personally, the receiver has to be traced to retrieve the missing goods. If the merchandise was lost in transit, please contact Seller for refund or re-shipment.
  3. With a valid receipt in hand, Seller and Shipper are responsible to investigate the failed delivery. In general, Australian Postal Service will follow up within 24-48 hours after notification of such incident.

Any requirement for repair or warranty on purchased goods should proceed with the instruction on Seller's web page for direction to receive the promised service.

Can refund settlement be negotiated privately between Buyer and Seller?
Without following the normal procedure, any such settlement would be best conducted by using our web mailing service to keep a record in case of dispute and request for involvement by Shopro becomes necessary.

What are recommended when problems occur on shipment of merchandise?
If merchandise does not arrive as promised, contact Seller to alert them of the delay. If Seller does not respond on a timely basis, you may request assistance from Shopro. Based on the order information submitted, Shopro will investigate and ask Seller for information or shipping receipt/BOL to trace the shipment. Without any convincing evidence, Seller will have to refund Buyer for the missing goods. The procedures for a refund/settlement include:

  1. When merchandise received does not meet the product description displayed online, or certain damage has occurred to it in transit, please contact Seller soon after the delivery for return, replacement or refund.
  2. If a dispute arises, Shopro should be notified for an investigation to reach a fair and mutually agreeable settlement between Buyer and Seller.
  3. If no option can be reached by Buyer and Seller, a refund by Seller shall result.

Where does a refund go after a settlement has been reached?
Once a status of "Successful Refund" is shown on your web page, the money is ready to be transferred through the original payment venue to your account.

How does Seller refund the shipping cost?
With an agreement between Buyer and Seller, a refund for shipping cost can be transmitted through your PayPal or other account.

What are needed for Buyer to show evidence in notifying Seller on damaged/part-missing/misrepresented merchandise?
If no agreement can be reached by Buyer and Seller, Buyer may request a refund. Should Seller refuse to refund Buyer, Buyer can notify Shopro with photos on the disputed item(s) for appropriate settlement.

How long does a settlement on a Buyer/Seller dispute normally take?
Shopro begins its investigation within 3 days after receipt of notification, and generally can arrive at a conclusion for settlement in 4-10 business days.

An order is nullified if Buyer fails to make full payment for merchandise successfully bid and terms negotiated with Seller in 3 days.

How a refund for cancelled order is handled?

  1. Buyer may request a refund on the day payment has been made. If Seller has not shipped the merchandise in 2 days after Buyer requested a refund, Shopro shall order Seller to refund Buyer.
  2. The proper procedures Buyer should follow a request for refund are:
    After Seller agrees to refund returned merchandise, Buyer shall return the goods with the ID number provided by Seller. Once Seller receives the returned product, a refund shall be arranged.
    If Seller does not require merchandise to be returned, the refund shall be made to Buyer without delay.
    Should Seller refuse to refund returned merchandise, Buyer may contact Shopro with information supporting the claim for intervention. Shopro shall determine the settlement after careful investigation.